A Grassroots Beginning. Share a donation, share an idea

As our first donors and investors enabled MAL to start, we still maintain the tradition of keeping our PayPal donation button below. We do not depend on these funds for client contracts and core R&D, but each small payment reminds us that many drivers of fossil-fuel vehicles simply want to help - and help fix the planet in the process.


Please note: If you are unable to make a payment using our online system, please check back within 24 hours in-case our payment processing provider is undergoing maintenance.

  • Community Advocate

    Every month
    Spread the word in your community. Help save the planet
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest information
    • 10% discount secured for a future car conversion service
    • Support community led projects (i.e the 'truck')
  • Region Advocate

    Every month
    Actively support your region while building an income stream
    • Actively participate in your region with potential partners
    • Monthly missions based on needed partners in your area
    • Earn from 2% commissions on contracts related to your area
    • Consultation call to become a full region agent
    • 10% discount secured for a future car conversion service
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Member project 1: The truck

  1. Take the electric truck apart, remove the lead acid batteries and assess how we could interface with the vehicle.

  2. Design and build a custom aluminium-air power pack for the electric truck

  3. Drive the truck to demonstrate its long range and it's ability to be refuelled

Member project 2: The 3D printer concept

Here's an example 3D printer suite above that our donations helped us source in the early phase of the company. Thank you!

We use the ideas sources from these donations and projects to 'listen' to how future drivers will prefer to interface with the network.

Our membership tiers ensure that we can provide regular updates on future products and changes to availability in your local area. As a basic level member, you may be signed up to our mailing list and receive the option for future discounts due to prior membership.


As a premium-level member, we will also be able to host occasional calls, direct you to more in-depth resources and provide more detailed options on how to become an agent in your local area.

Do you want to learn more about our technology?

To learn more about our technology, take a look at the resources below. 

Become an Agent Locally

You will see that there are multiple 'licensing' contracts available to recommend as a local agent: this is because a qualified supplier within a specific region may be able to secure exclusive manufacturing rights in exchange for paying a small yearly licence fee. If you are currently in the process of recommending our Power System Licensing options directly to vehicle makers, but see that your region would need key suppliers to be already up and running nearby; you can use the suggested sales volume from the vehicle maker to encourage local suppliers to adopt a licence to secure the volume of contractor payments they would receive as a result. This will enable you to earn commissions from each qualified licence contract you convert - but also commissions on the upcoming batch order of power packs from the car maker. It's a win-win!