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Is your organisation developing a next-generation form of transport?

Although we do not offer a direct-to-consumer conversion service yet, there are ways in which you can encourage local garages and service stations to become a station licensee.


This will give your local garage the ability to supply MAL power units once requested from local drivers, and will enable you to earn a small commission on every partner you secure. Use the calculator below to estimate your commissions:

Are you an Agent Instead?

If you are interested in seeing a power pack design manufactured for another vehicle makers rather than your own organisation, you can instead act as an agent in your region. This will be similar to acting as a business partner, enabling you to earn commissions on each licensee that is brought onboard. And once the licensed suppliers in your area are put in place, you can begin engaging potential car manufacturers and earn a commission on each batch order of power packs they make for their high-tech vehicles still in production.

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