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Become a Region Agent. Help save the planet

Are you interested in becoming an agent? Take a look at the resources below to gauge your potential earnings depending on the the kinds of contracts you choose to recommend.

How does being a Region Agent work?

Are you an existing agent attempting to set up a manufacturing network with a group of partners? To simplify this process, we have created a step-by-step guide on which licensee partners to bring onboard and the steps that will need to be followed for a sustainable network and a competitive cost-per-km for the target application. Click the button below to access our Agent Network Setup Page and all relevant tools.

Does your employer offer transport, manufacturing or metal processing facilities?

You will see that there are multiple 'licensing' contracts available to recommend as a local agent: this is because a qualified supplier within a specific region may be able to secure exclusive manufacturing rights in exchange for paying a small yearly licence fee. If you are currently in the process of recommending our Power System Licensing options directly to vehicle makers, but see that your region would need key suppliers to be already up and running nearby; you can use the suggested sales volume from the vehicle maker to encourage local suppliers to adopt a licence to secure the volume of contractor payments they would receive as a result. This will enable you to earn commissions from each qualified licence contract you convert - but also commissions on the upcoming batch order of power packs from the car maker. It's a win-win!

Do you know a nearby metal processor?

In addition to standard commissions, converting this form of a licence comes with the added benefit of earning an additional commission on the agreed profit share for quarterly sale of certain recycled metals. Being key to achieving a competitive cost-per-km for future drivers, this makes the metals processor in your region the first priority to bring under licence. Click the button below to access our Power Pack Costs & Profit Calculator to gauge how many kilograms of recycled metals would be required per month to achieve a competitive cost-per-km for the driver.

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