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Would you like to offer power pack swapping services at your swap station or garage?

If your facility is more like a service station, this may enable your business to offer paid refuelling services for drivers with MAL power systems already installed. As a car refuelling licensee, refuelling kits will be supplied from the nearest MAL hub, which your personnel will be able to install into your clients' vehicle on-site.  

However, for drivers who are also keen to power their existing vehicle with aluminium-air, your facility can also offer licensed car conversion services using installation kits that are supplied to your premises from the nearest MAL hub. And as well as enabling your business to offer paid car conversion services to your existing clients, this will also enable you to offer more advanced services options for vehicles that require a mechanised refuelling process. 

Overall, either of our licensing options will enable you to begin offering paid car conversion and refuelling services from day one. Even as nearby suppliers are prepared to begin manufacturing the kits to send to your location, we also offer options such as selling service tokens to your existing customers as they wait for their conversion date. 

To gauge how much you would pay per month as a station licensee - as well as how much your facility could earn per month based on the demand in your local area - take a look at our calculator tool below. Once you are ready to begin a licensing option, feel free to schedule a technical call for any final questions before we schedule your final paperwork and onboarding.

Are you looking to bring in local partners to speed up production?

As a new station licensee, you will be able to begin selling car conversion and refuelling services to your existing visitors - even if temporarily in the form of service tokens as nearby suppliers are prepared. However, if you would like to speed up the process of manufacturing your installation kits, you can recommend nearby qualified suppliers for transport, parts manufacturing and metal processing. In the process, you will earn a commission on the licence payment paid by each new qualified supplier. To gauge the commissions you could make in the process of helping us establish each local supplier, visit our members page using the button below:

Are you affiliated with more advanced garage facilities?

If your facility is already capable of providing full car conversion services, you may opt to sell service tokens to existing clients as local suppliers are prepared. However, if you would like to offer car conversion and advanced refuelling services without the required facilities, you could still offer tokens for car conversion services providing that they are completed by a nearby qualified supplier with the needed facilities. This would mean offering the same service tokens, but instead a commission percentage on the conversion service sales of the advanced facility you choose to refer.  To gauge how much commission you could earn from referring nearby conversion services, take a look at our Membership Commission Calculator using the button below.

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