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The first Aluminium-Air Truck with our electrolyte

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Help get this truck on the road


Our Truck project

  1. Take the electric truck apart, remove the lead acid batteries and assess how we could interface with the vehicle.

  2. Design and build a custom aluminium-air power pack for the electric truck

  3. Drive the truck to demonstrate its long range and it's refuelability


How you can help put Clean Power on the road

In addition to our commercial clients, we need you - the ultimate customer - to join in with the imminent change to long-distance electric driving. 

By becoming a Club member, you will get exclusive access to the latest information and events as we move forward.

In the early stages, we gratefully received donations to support the buying of new equipment, which helped accelerate our work as we got off the ground.

Here's an example 3D printer suite below that our donations helped us source in the early phase of the company. Thank you!

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What you can do to help

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Follow us on our social media platforms

  • Let others know about this technology

  • Become a Club Member by donating to the team

  • Get in touch with Trevor on LinkedIn (icon below)

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