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Help fund the first Métalectrique Aluminium-Air van to drive on the road

 The Electric Van Project 

We have a small electric van! It's a last-mile delivery vehicle currently powered by rechargeable batteries. We've decided to take on a project: to re-power this vehicle with our Aluminium-Air technology. We're hoping to drive this vehicle for over 1000 miles before needing to refuel. Our goal is to show the world that there is a solution to climate change - that we can have a technology to power our vehicles with no CO2 and a huge range.


 Our goals 

  • To fit an electric van with an aluminium-air power pack

  • ​To demonstrate to the world the capability of our technology with a 1000 mile trip

  • To use this project as a springboard to start re-powering as many vehicles as possible

  • To help save the planet from CO2-caused climate change

 Fix the Van 

First: Take out the old batteries

During this stage we will remove the old batteries from the van. To remove them from the vehicle we would have to raise the truck using a lift/ramp to access the batteries from underneath.

Battery Test_2

Next: Repair broken parts of the vehicle  

Changing Tyres

 New Power Pack 

First: Fit the power pack

Our team of engineers will upgrade the vehicle. They will produce and fit a custom 1000 mile Aluminium-Air power-pack.

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 10.27.18.png

Next: Test the power pack

Picture 2png.png

 Mega Tour of Britain

Stage 1: Choose the route

During this stage we will plan a 1000 mile route across the UK. We will stop to host events, deliver goods and pick up new drivers.

Smartphone Holder

Next: Pick the drivers

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