Safe, Reliable and Zero Emission

Métalectrique is a new way of powering transport and remote places. Our 21st century technology gives more mobility, costs less and is in harmony with the environment. We're working with other partners through our group companies to power transport and remote places with zero emissions.


and our 1500 mile solution

Driving with petrol and diesel is causing too much CO2 and too much pollution. According to the IPCC we have by 2030 to reduce emissions significantly. A very big part of our emissions come from our transport so in order to meet our 2030 goal, we need to implement a real alternative to fossil fuels, otherwise we face catastrophic climate change. CO2 emitting transport technology needs to be replaced for CO2 free green transport technology, not just any C02 free technology, but one that can satisfy all our transport needs in the 21st century.

The problem to solve for electric vehicles (EVs)

  • A complete end to emissions from the road before 2030

  • To introduce a viable replacement technology for transport that satisfies our energy and mobility needs

  • To have a technology that is sustainable for the future


  • A brand new recyclable Aluminium-Air power technology

  • A 1500 mile range battery with a 90 second swap system

  • Cost effective for the driver

Safe & CO2 free

High mobility

Recyclable & Reusable

£0.08 / mile cost to driver

The low cost: £60 / kWh (Battery Price to OEM)


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Some recent news

Ex-Navy officer turned inventor signs a multi-million deal to produce his electric car battery that will take drivers 1,500 miles without needing to charge.


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