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Technical FAQs

Q: How is your chemistry different to previous Aluminium-Air chemistries?

A: We're not going to tell you! It's our secret. Our chemistry has been independently verified and tested. We have a chemistry that significantly reduces hydrogen production and gel formation. It has 95% coulombic efficiency. We also have the amazing ability of just using ordinary aluminium, we can use drinks cans and we have done so! Normally aluminium-air systems require very pure aluminium, we don't require that. So it's really cheap. Our chemistry is a breakthrough and that's why we can suggest this as a viable power source for all electric transport. 

Q: Why can't I just refuel it myself? Why do I have to swap my power system for a new one every time I refuel?

A: If you swap your Métalectrique system for a brindles new one every time you refuel, then I think that's a great thing. You constantly have a brand new power system in your vehicle and you only have to pay for the fuel you consume, the swap is free. Also refuelling the system is not as straight forward as filling an engine with petrol, it requires our technical expertise. 

Q: Does the smelting process require lots of energy and does it produce CO2? Is the fuel derived from Bauxite?

A: Bauxite is used to make aluminium. Our power systems transform aluminium hydroxide, so when we refer to a smelting process, we are referring to a process that transforms aluminium hydroxide into aluminium and not bauxite into aluminium. We can, of course, use aluminium smelted from Bauxite, but that's not a requirement. Since the aluminium is conserved throughout the cycle, the fuel for our power systems doesn't require the ongoing mining of aluminium. 

The process used to transform aluminium hydroxide to aluminium is called ***

Q: Does the power system last 10 years? Does that mean that I have to refuel it every 10 years?

A: No, you have to refuel it every 1500 miles. The power system itself is designed to have a 10 year life, being refuelled many times over.

Q: I've read that the reaction produces hydrogen. How can that be safe?

A: All rechargeable batteries release hydrogen when they are being charged. Our technology emits less hydrogen than they do. Our unique chemistry significantly reduces the production of hydrogen in the reaction. There has been thought in the past of attaching a hydrogen fuel cells to aluminium-air power systems, however the amount of hydrogen we produce is not even worth absorbing in most cases. Normally we just allow it to free vent and it's not an issue.

Q: If it consumes oxygen and water, then would the global use of this technology reduce oxygen levels and reduce the amount of water on the planet?

A: No, the water and oxygen is released back into the environment during the aluminium hydroxide smelting process.

Q: So this is a breathing and drinking power system. How could you use this to power a submarine or something else in a low oxygen environment?

A: It breathes, but not as much as you. Just make sure to take oxygen with you. Oxygen candles could be used to release the required oxygen for the reaction and the water is already in the electrolyte anyway. As long as you have enough oxygen and electrolyte for the aluminium fuel you carry, then it would function just like another power system in an oxygen-rich environment.

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