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We are Métalectrique and we have a 12 year background of peer-reviewed R&D and have innovated simple but cost effective ways of using aluminium as a mobile source of electrical power. From our can battery, through MAAPS to our flexible cathode and beyond to the flexible battery (MAAPS-2), Métalectrique provides a new method of delivering mobile power; and our power is always CO2-free.

Technology at

Métalectrique Automotive (MAL)




This portable power pack in development has the following predicted capability at 100 Watts​

  • Between 465 Wh and 2000 Wh of energy, depending on internal configuration. The pack lasts between 2.6 and 11 times longer than the incumbent lithium primary battery.

  • The pack is recyclable and has a life of 10 years.

  • The pack is compliant with all devices normally powered by a BA5590. It is a direct replacement.



Métalectrique Advanced Aluminium Power System

This is a new kind of mobile electrical power system, some people call it 'the electric engine'. MAAPS is CO2-free power system refuelled, not recharged. This would be done by automatic cassette exchange at a vehicle service point, but the range is much longer that for a rechargeable battery (1300Wh/kg) so these exchanges are infrequent.

Important key features of MAAPS:

  • Starts/stops the chemical reaction on demand

  • Keeps the reactive surface clear

  • Manages air and electrolyte transfer

  • Designed to be refuelled

  • Cassette system

  • Industrial automatic high speed refuelling

  • 1300Wh/kg

  • Recyclable



Métalectrique Advanced Aluminium Power System 2


MAAPS-2 has a unique architecture which is designed for very high specific power and energy and has applications in defence, aircraft propulsion and high-power vehicles.

Key features include:

  • Pliable behaviour

  • High voltage/power per square metre

  • Long duration of operation

  • Recyclable

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